Hammond Papers (1831-1885)


Edmund, 1st Baron Hammond was born on 25th June 1802 in London, son of the diplomat George Hammond. He was educated at Eton, Harrow and University College Oxford.

He began his career on 10th October 1823 as a clerk in the Privy Council Office, but on 5th April 1824 transferred to the Foreign Office. In 1831 he accompanied Sir Strantford Canning to Constantinople as a mission to fix the boundaries of new Kingdom of Greece and to arrange the accession of King Otto of Bavaria to the Greek throne. (See F.O. 72/403-404.) Hammond went to become Chief Oriental department in the Foreign Office. Then on 10th August 1855 he was appointed permanent Under Secretary of State for Foreign Office. In February 1855 he accompanied Lord John Russell on his special mission to Vienna. (See F.O. 7/461-465.)

He retired on 10th October 1873, and following year was raised to the peerage as Baron Hammond of Kirkella, Kingston-upon-Hull. He married on 3rd January 1846 Marry Frances Kerr. He died on 29 April 1890.

This class contains the private and semi-official correspondence of Lord Hammond with British representatives in the USA, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Russia, Spain and Turkey; as well as with Gladstone, Palmerston, Lord John Russell and others.(中略)These papers came into the possession of the Foreign Office at the death of his daughter, the Hon. Margaret Hammond, and were passed on the Public Record Office, in May 1942.


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